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  1.  About Us

  1-1  Organization Structure  
  1-2  Duty of Each Section and Office  
  1-3  Our Services  
  1-4   Location and service time  
  2.  FAQ
  3.  Tax Related Law & Regulations
  4.  Taxation
  4-1 Distinguish Local & National Tax  
  4-2 Local Tax  
  4-2-1 Stamp Tax
  4-2-2 Vehicle License Tax
  4-2-3 Land Value Tax
  4-2-4 Amusement Tax
  4-2-5 Land Value Increment Tax
  4-2-6 House Tax
  4-2-7 Deed Tax
  4-4 Period of Payment  
  4-5 Methods of Payment  
  4-5-1 Pay by check
  4-5-2 Automatic payment transaction
  4-5-3 ATM Transfers for tax payment
  4-5-4 Credit card for tax payment
  4-5-5 Convenience store payment
  4-5-6 Tax payment via the World Wide Web Internet
  5.  Application Form Download
  6.  Site Link
  7.  Travel info
  8.  Contact us