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About Us

Our Services

  I. What kind of services we offer you
  We are responsible for the local tax administration and construction benefit fees of Nantou County, such as Land Value Tax, Land Value Increment Tax, House Tax, Deed Tax, Vehicle License Tax, Stamp Tax, Amusement Tax, Agriculture Land Tax (currently unnecessary).
  II. Our Service Region(Jurisdiction)
1. Head Office:Caotun, Nantou, Jhongliao, Mingjian, Jiji, Shueili, Sinyi.
2. Jhushan Branch:Jhushan, Lugu.
3. Puli Branch:Puli, Guoshing, Ren-ai, Yuchih.
  III. Tax Payment Services
1. General tax information service and related laws consultant.
2. Supply for application form.
3. Supply on-site certificates issuing.
4. Establishment of the single window for local tax services.
5. Free telephone consultation, voice investigation services and 24-hour internet services.
  IV. One-stop, full-course service.
1. Provide comprehensive services in the lobby on the 1st floor.
2. Expanding multifunction counter service entries.
3. We offer toll-free telephone service. There are three free service lines, Head office:0800-496969、Jhushan branch:0800-493456 and Puli branch:0800-493457.
  V. Please kindly let us know your opinion?
1. To know get suggestion from all sides, in addition to celebrating irregular survey, the high-rank officials are assigned in turn to visit the basic working team and the promotion scale of the tax law is extended to different social classes. We want to solve your tax problem and are willing to listen to your opinion as base for improvement. Please kindly make good use of our services.
2. We celebrate regularly visit to different private enterprises and make use of the meeting during the visit for the mutual communication to help the staff in the private enterprises can understand government work and offer direction for the tax reform.
3. There is mail-box in our office and our branch where there is opinion form. You can fill it out and put it back to the box or send us your opinion by post, telephone, fax or e-mail. All the mailing cases are under control and regulated for reply within 3 days. You might be invited for face-to-face communication when necessary to exchange the ideas.
4. Taxpayer’s complaint hot-line: 0800-496969 and 049-2225535.
5. Handle the service of "Having the appointment with the director of the office".
6. We set up a report center for taxpayer on the first floor where the tax service administration of our office for a free report channel, facilitating the face-to-face communication between the taxpayers and high rank officials or staff of our office. Moreover, to serve the taxpayers, living in the south of the Lan- yang River, the Director of our office set up an office in Luo-dong branch and can have meeting with the public in such office every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 12 pm to help you to solve the tax problems.
7.Interview citizens in the countryside: Director of Ethics Office will visit citizens in the countryside on a monthly basis to hear what people have to say about tax concerns and reformation.
8.Periodical seminars and symposiums: Arrange seminars and symposiums periodically to help taxpayers understand tax affairs.