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Duty of Each Section and Office

   The Four Offices    The Five Section
  General Affairs Office   Goods & Services Tax Section
   General affairs, cashing business, and file management.
   Levy of Amusement Tax , Stamp Tax and Vehicle License Tax along with the inspection and checking ? of tax evasion.
  Accounting Office   Property Tax Section
   Items concerning unit accounting, accounting budget of levy and statistics of tax revenue.
   Levy of land value tax, land value increment tax, house tax, deed tax and construction benefit tax.
  Personnel Office   Legal Consultation Section
   Personnel appointment, dismissal, position transfer and assignment, and assessment of rewards and splatpink punishments.
   tax law violations penalty, enforcement tax deficiency, stamp tax, amusement tax, and administrative remedy.
  Government Ethics Office   Computer Work Section
   Discipline on tax affairs, handling of corruption and illegal acts.
   system design and operation data processing.
      Public Service Section
   providing taxpayers with information concerning tax laws and regulations along with issues regarding the research and development.